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My First River Cruise with Ama Waterways

Mae Wellington AmaWaterways River CruiseBY MAE WELLINGTON:

My husband and I decided to embark on a new adventure: our very first river cruise along the legendary Rhine River with AmaWaterways. With a shared love for castles, cathedrals, and the charm of old European doors and canals, we couldn’t wait to see what awaited us.

From the moment we stepped on board in Amsterdam, we felt like characters in a storybook. The sights along the waterways seemed straight out of a dream, and we held hands as we watched the world glide by.

One of the highlights was cruising through the magical Rhine Gorge, where ancient castles loomed over us, each one with its own tale to tell. In Cologne, we stood in awe of the majestic Cologne Cathedral, its spires reaching towards the sky. And in Strasbourg, we wandered through narrow streets, admiring the intricate details of centuries-old doors.

Though we were new to river cruising, AmaWaterways made everything easy and enjoyable. Their attention to detail and warm hospitality made us feel right at home, and we quickly fell in love with this unique way of exploring.

As our journey came to an end, we couldn’t help but feel a sense of wonder and gratitude for the memories we had created together. Our first Rhine River cruise may be over, but it’s just the beginning of our adventures exploring the world hand in hand.

Mae Wellington Morris Columbus Travel BountifulHappy travels!

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