At Morris Columbus Travel, our goal is to help you craft your dream vacation, whether that is a Hawaiian cruise or a spa retreat in Bali. Our travel experts will work with you every step of the way to choose the perfect destinations, accommodations, excursions, and timing for you. The perfect vacation doesn’t have to stay a pipe dream–we make them happen every single day. Call us at 800-999-4646 to get started!


Perhaps even more so than real estate, travel is driven by location, location, location. The world is a big place, and the number of available incredible destinations only continues to grow. Your destination is usually the first decision you need to make when planning the perfect vacation, and our Morris Columbus travel advisors can help you check off the must-see places on your personal map. The destinations below are only a sample of the places we can help you get to. Check out each for more information.


When it comes to what you do on your perfect vacation, the possibilities are endless. Want to do a chocolate tasting tour in Switzerland or explore the bioluminescence found in New Zealand caves? We can customize your dream vacation to match your preferences, working with you during every stage of the planning process.

Not sure what you’d like to do? Here are just a few ideas:

Ocean cruises provide an opportunity to maximize the time you spend getting from place to place. Take in beautiful coastlines or travel alongside a pod of dolphins as you make your way to your next destination. For that matter, ocean cruises can very easily be considered destinations unto themselves. With onboard entertainment, activities, specialty dining, and relaxation avenues, ocean cruises make enjoying your perfect vacation more accessible than ever.
River cruises offer all the perks of an ocean cruise with a sense of sophistication and subtlety. On a river cruise, you can skip the large crowds and enjoy your destination on a closer level. Pass by European castles that are almost close enough to touch or take a languid Amazon sail down the longest river in the world.
Whether or not cruising fits into your customized vacation this time around, there is no limit to the things you can do on land. Our specialized travel advisors can offer ideas and support for what to do in port or craft a land-based itinerary for your entire travel party. From accommodation to transportation and everything in between, leave your land vacation to Morris Columbus Travel.


Every trip is different. Even if you go to the same destination with the same people and do the same things, the experience is sure to be unique because of the variable nature of travel. We want to help you make your perfect vacation just that by tailoring the experience every time with exclusive amenities and experiences that go beyond the ordinary. Whether you’re celebrating a 50th birthday or following the World Cup, we can help you make your customized trip truly special.

Morris Murdock Escorted Tours offers the opportunity for you to join a pre-designed tour to any number of magnificent destinations around the globe while benefiting from the expertise of one of our MMET hosts. Enjoy an exclusive look into the tunnels beneath the Western Wall with Dann Hone or journey to the remote shores of the Galapagos Islands with our Latin America destination specialist Carlos Fida.

Vacation Packages

Vacation packages wrap your travel plans in a tidy bow. Your perfect vacation should include the air, hotels, and even ground transportation to make exploring your destination a memorable experience. Your Morris Columbus travel advisor can help craft the right package for you while taking advantage of the discounts of bundling.

Family Travel

The family that travels together stays together. Customized travel with your family provides bonding and memory-making experiences unlike any other you can share, and “family travel” isn’t limited to your nuclear family alone. Multigenerational travel allows grandparents to see their grandchildren’s faces light up with each new discovery. Want to make your next family reunion an event to remember forever? Make it a vacation and gather in a bucket list destination.

Small Group Travel

While Morris Murdock Escorted Tours is the perfect opportunity to join a large travel group, Morris Columbus can also accommodate groups on a more intimate scale, closer to 10 to 22 travelers. With small group travel, your perfect vacation can have more flexibility in its design and execution and can often garner additional amenities offered only to groups. Small group travel allows for really immersive and hands-on experiences like paddling a kayak through the Peruvian jungle or going on a whale watching tour along the Cape of Good Hope.

Solo Travel

Thinking of seeing the world on your own? Our expert travel advisors can help you plan the perfect vacation and take advantage of the perks of traveling solo. Look for shorter lines, complete scheduling freedom, and individual rates. Working with a knowledgeable advisor will also allow you to access their suggestions for staying safe when traveling on your own.

Romantic Travel

From honeymoons to destination weddings, there is nothing more romantic than traveling with the one you love. Explore an almost unlimited number of romantic destinations and activities available when you work with a Morris Columbus travel agent. When it comes to planning your wedding, consider a private beach, idyllic winery, exclusive country club, or elegant hotel. Let us plan the travel side of things so you can relax and enjoy the most magical day of your life. 

Luxury Travel

Sometimes the perfect vacation means spending your time in perfect luxury. Black Pearl Luxury Services provides travel experiences that go above and beyond the average trip. Our Black Pearl traveler advisors partner with the finest luxury travel companies around the world to bring travelers exclusive opportunities and special access to unique opportunities. Work with a Black Pearl travel advisor today to get started.

Incentive Travel

Morris Meetings and Incentives is our sister company responsible for providing incentive travel on a large scale. Incentive travel is a powerful way to celebrate the successes of your team and forge lasting and meaningful team-building experiences. Work with the MMI team to build employee motivation and customer loyalty. 


Hoping to give the gift of travel? Try a Morris Columbus Travel gift certificate! Our Morris Columbus Travel gift certificates are the perfect step in helping someone else build their dream vacation. Gift certificates can be used for cruises, airfare, car rental, tour packages, and more. 

Here are just a few things you can expect from a Morris Columbus Travel gift certificate:

• Convenient and flexible booking applications

• Immediate usability

• Available at any Morris Columbus office

• Redeemable at any Morris Columbus office
Morris Columbus Travel gift certificates have a minimum purchase limit of $50 and cannot be used online. To learn more about Morris Columbus Travel gift cards, contact your Morris Columbus office today.

Terms & Conditions: Morris Columbus Gift Certificates may be applied to travel services for the specified amount on the certificate in U.S. Dollars. Certificate has no cash value and cannot be exchanged or surrendered for cash.  Original certificate must be presented to a Morris Columbus advisor when redeemed for travel. No refunds will be given for unused amounts. Certificate must be signed by authorizing party. Certificate may be redeemed at any Morris Columbus office location. Morris Columbus travel is not responsible for lost or stolen certificates. Other restrictions may apply.