When we talk about a lot of ground to cover, the abundance of land tours available cannot be topped. Land vacations offer the most variety of anything we book at Morris Columbus. There is something for everyone, from fully customizable trips perfect for individuals and families to structured tours full of like-minded travelers. 

While it can be difficult to know where to start planning a land vacation, a Morris Columbus travel advisor is the best resource for doing so. Explore your dream destinations to their fullest depth by consulting with the experts. If you are looking for ideas, consider the search engine below for sample itineraries. Please note that the results are only a small sample of the land vacations our advisors can help you book.

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Your Morris Columbus travel advisor can answer all your questions about what land tours have to offer, but these are just a few suggestions:

Foreign Independent Travel: Also called “foreign independent tours” or “free independent travelers,” FITs refer to the most customizable form of travel. When you plan an FIT, you and your advisor build a vacation from the ground up. You take complete control of your trip’s character without the set itineraries or schedules of travel providers like cruise lines or tour operators.

Small Groups: Small group travel usually means parties of 10–20 people. These land tours have more structure than FITs and are slightly less customizable, but they offer perks that may include group rates and prepackaging. A travel advisor can help you plan a trip for your small group or can help you join a group tour arranged by our travel affiliates.

Coach Tours: Couch tours are a great way to meet new people and take advantage of local expertise. Tour providers plan itineraries that serve a theme or capture a destination holistically. Travel the coast of Oregon or the Tuscany region by bus, knowing that your transportation, food, and accommodations are taken care of.

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Unique Experiences

Land tours let you make the most of your time in any given destination. In-port excursions give you a taste of each spot along your cruise route, and there is no better way to maximize your experience if your vacation is entirely land-based. Our Morris Columbus travel advisors can help you with setting up every element of your vacation, including unique adventures and unparalleled accommodations. Would you like to hike to the top of Table Mountain or stay in a villa overlooking the ocean? We can make it happen.

Deep Dive

When you book land tours exclusively, without an accompanying cruise, destinations that are not accessible by water instantly become available to you, and once there you have the time to really experience things like a local. Get comfortable and see your destination in a whole new light. Perhaps you’d like to learn proper pineapple-picking techniques from a farmer in Costa Rica or you’ve dreamed of making pasta under the tutelage of an Italian chef. Land tours are the perfect solution.


Land vacations offer you more freedom and flexibility than any other kind of travel. Because you never have to worry about getting back to the ship or sticking to the port destinations on the cruise’s itinerary, you can stay in the destinations that really wow you or pass through others that don’t resonate as strongly. You can even take the scenic route, adding places and activities on the go as the mood strikes you. If complete flexibility seems like too much, land tours with set itineraries like safaris or coach tours are also available.

Expert Guides

When you book land tours with Morris Columbus Travel, you benefit from our partnerships with hundreds of in-destination specialists. We connect you with the people in your destination who have made it their business to know the best activities, sights, eateries, and accommodations. If you want to travel with an expert, perhaps someone who can explain the significance of the Indian temples you visit or who knows how to get the attention of the bald eagles in the area, we can arrange that too.