A Winter Wonderland: My Enchanting Cosmos Tour of Prague, Vienna, Budapest, and Salzburg at Christmastime

I have always wanted to tour the Christmas markets of Europe, and Cosmos Tours made that a reality.

Cosmos Tours is an affordable option that provides everything you need: nice hotels, a knowledgeable guide, and a very comfortable and modern bus with reclining seats and Wi-Fi. The bus driver was very skilled and professional. We were well taken care of throughout the tour. Cosmos Tours includes much of the sightseeing but also gives you time for your own sightseeing. They also offer some optional excursions. We took advantage of most of these excursions, and they were well worth the money. The dinners were superb with entertainment highlighting the local cultures.

The Step-by-Step Cosmos Tour

Our first destination was Prague. As we drove from the airport to our hotel, I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the city. It had recently snowed, and the city was covered in white. It was a real winter wonderland. In the evening when we first walked into the old town square, I was overwhelmed by beautifully majestic lit-up spires of the Church of Our Lady. To me it looked like a fairytale castle. Then as we entered the square, there was a massive Christmas tree lit up with glittering white lights. The smell of cinnamon treats, mulled wine, and freshly made potato chips filled the air. We also enjoyed tasting and watching them make their famous Trdelnik or chimney cake. It is a sweet bread like dough wrapped around a hot iron tube cooked over hot coals. It can be rolled in cinnamon or sugar or filled with chocolate or ice cream. We were also able to watch the oldest working astronomical clock which dates to 1410 chime in the middle of the square.

Our next stop was Vienna.

Cosmos Tours ensured we experienced the musical magic of Vienna with visits to the homes of Mozart and Beethoven. We also visited the majestic Schoenbrunn Palace where we learned the history of Franz Joseph, the longest-reigning emperor of Austria. We then walked the main parts of the town to admire the beautiful architecture and stopped to get a glimpse of the horses in their stalls at the Spanish riding school. 


We visited two markets while in Vienna. One was in front of the Schoenbrunn Palace and the other the Wiener Christkindlmarkt in Rathausplatz. There were roasted chestnuts, steaming mugs of punch, and hot chocolate. Many booths of handmade crafts and gifts and all of this is spread in front of a lighted magnificent historical building. 

Then on to Budapest. This was my second visit to Budapest, and it was just as beautiful the second time. The Danube River and Parliament Building are the highlighting features. We did a short cruise down the river while feasting on delicious snacks. Our knowledgeable guide added depth to the experience, sharing tales of Hungarian holiday traditions and the historical significance of each charming corner. Then of course more Christmas markets.

Salzburg was our final stop. It is the birthplace of Mozart. We stopped to see the home he grew up in and learned more about his life. We toured the area surrounding the beautiful grounds where the Sound of Music was filmed and learned more inside secrets about the movie. The Christmas market in Cathedral Square was the most magical yet. There were live musicians playing Christmas carols from the balconies of the cathedrals and historic buildings surrounding the square.

Christmas with Cosmos Tours

My winter Cosmos Tour of Prague, Vienna, Budapest, and Salzburg was a symphony of festive delights, historical wonders, and cultural immersion. From the charming Christmas markets to the grandeur of imperial palaces, Cosmos Tours curated an experience that will forever hold a special place in my heart. If you’re yearning for a winter escapade filled with holiday magic and European allure, let Cosmos Tours be your guide through the enchanting landscapes of Christmastime in Central Europe.

Happy travels!

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