The Art of Traveling in South America

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The Art of Traveling in South America

A few months ago, I touched on daring our clients to explore the wonders of South America. Larry Gelwix and I have discussed the issue at large during our weekly travel show on KNRS radio. For many, thousands, and even more, South America is still “Terra Incognita;” lands to be discovered. Unknown lands.

In the minds of many travelers, who had ventured beyond United States, there is a misconception about South America, especially in terms of languages, food, and vistas. I asked many of our clients if they had ever visited South America. The answer is always “YES, I have been to Mexico;” INCORRECT! What about food? No tacos, no enchiladas, no tortillas, no chilaquiles breakfast, no pozoles. Not in South America. The diversity is mind boggling, starting with different nuances in the Spanish or Portuguese language. Each region within countries and each country offers multiple choices in terms of landscape such as the Andes, which cross south America from north to south, the fertile pampas in Argentina, the desert coast along the Pacific coast from Peru to Chile. The Nazca Lines and Lake Titicaca in southern Peru.

The Ballestas Islands (called the Little Galapagos) off the coast of Peru. Also unknown to many other islands, such as Easter Island (Rapa Nui), the Robinson Crusoe Islands, both part of the Chilean territory; the Galapagos Archipelago close to Ecuador; and Cape Horn, at the bottom of Chile and Argentina, only 36 hours sailing to Antarctica.

One of my favorite places is Patagonia; a land of adventurers and colonizers, where emperors ruled; discoverers walked, and navigators, like Magellan set their foot and left indelible marks in the annals of history. Next year, Larry and I will host a group to this destination.

I lived in Patagonia for many years. I would like to quote Charles Darwin. His words express my feelings about this land that extends from half of Chile and Argentina to the southernmost end of the South American continent. Darwin wrote in his journal: “The scenes which are deeply impressed in my mind; none exceed in sublimity the primeval forests, undefaced by the hands of man. The plains of Patagonia are boundless… and hence unknown: they bear the stamp of having lasted for ages, and there appears no limit to their duration through future time.

Carlos Fida

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